First Time Buyer Information Kitten

§  Never encourage biting and aggressive play by batting at kittens or your cat with your hands.

§  Cats like a place to scratch and sharpen their claws. To create a scratching post, attach a piece of old carpet or rug to any sturdy object. When he/she uses it , praise by saying 'Good!' If your pet cat has scratched the couch, use gentle discipline and direct him/her to the spot and tell him/her to not do so in future as it spoils the couch.

§  Check an adult cat's nails to see if they need clipping. Only the transparent part of the nail should be cut, not the pink area towards the back, or this will cause pain and bleeding.

§  Dry cat food helps keep the teeth clean and the gums healthy.

§  Cats can be perfectly happy living indoors all their lives. All they need is a place to climb and play and are happy to have companion pets along with lots of attention from their guardians. The big advantage of keeping your cat indoors is its safety.

§  For privacy, provide your friend with a small cardboard box lined with a small soft carpet or rug , so that he/she can retreat into it whenever he/ she wants to.

§  Do consider spaying or neutering your cat. It is not a complicated procedure and the benefits are worth it. No unwanted kittens, no males yowling outside your house for an extended period of time. Males do not want to roam or fight if they are neutered and mostly, they will not require to 'mark' their territory all over the place as they are not competitive now.

§  Kittens are easy to care for - they don't need to be walked or bathed as they are born independent and manage everything themselves.

§  Kittens do not need constant human company, especially if they are two together. Therefore, it is always advisable and easier to raise two kittens together.

§  Create a sleeping place - Place an old T-shirt or towel in a small box or basket so that the kitten can be placed in it for the night. It should be in a quiet place in your house. A hot water bottle during winters wrapped in a towel and placed in the 'bed' makes it really comfortable and warm. A stuffed toy can act as a surrogate mother, or stuff clean old socks with cloth/cotton and put them in the sleeping box along with the kitten to keep it cozy and warm.