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A PETty Thought

A random conversation over a tea session with the founder of an e-tailor company led three entrepreneurs to stumbleupon an idea; keeping in view the paucity of time (which is a catalyst in new and emerging buying patterns) and having faced challenges themselves in buying pet services online turned out to be a eureka moment. Next three days saw rigorous research on the internet looking up people offering similar services; we left no stone unturned in looking up merchants overseas. The research gave birth to a one-stop pet solution, Home4Pet.

Pet Lovers

Rajeev Talwar is the brain behind this who brought together the pet lovers. Rajeev is a seasoned professional with a profound knowledge of finances apart from being an avid animal lover.

Vinod Agarwal is a science graduate having a deep sense of connecting with the furry companions as a trainer and handler himself. His thorough understanding of the cause helped bring the Vets on board.