Initial Start for HOME4PET by Sindhu Kashyap of " YOURSTORY" the startup Journal -

 In India, pet owners find it inconvenient and difficult to adequately demonstrate the love they have for their pets. Even the most basic of pet services are simply inaccessible, with few knowing how to do right by their pets. This was felt keenly by friends and animal lovers 46-year-old Rajeev Talwar, 47-year-old and 46-year-old Vinod Agarwal.

One day, Rajeev, in a conversation along with an e-tailer company, realised that time was a catalyst in new and emerging buying patterns. But despite all the advances in this respect for the more mainstream categories, it was still challenging and time-consuming to find the right pet services. That was when he and his two friends decided to start Home4Pet

Working to build the platform

Rajeev points to the fact that while there were several options to buy grooming products and pet food online, there was no single platform that took care of all pet needs under one umbrella.  The platform provides customers with an impressive range of products and services, which includes pet food, toys, designer clothing and bedding, accessories, vets on-call (allopathic and homeopathic), pet lab, pet boarding and lodging, pet taxi, pet ambulance, pet burial services, pet trainers, pet spas, pet cafe, pet photographer, pet security tags, pet rehabilitation and fitness equipment, pet magazines, pet birthday organisers, online pet training courses, and pet insurance 

“We sat every day sketching a blueprint, searching through data on the net as to how to bring together this concept from paper to portal; endless sessions of tea in hotel lounges and brainstorming finally brought us to a list of services that could be started with from scratch.”