Home to 95000 Strays, Mumbai To Get Low-Cost BMC Pet Clinics & Crematoriums!

Home to 95000 Strays, Mumbai To Get Low-Cost BMC Pet Clinics & Crematoriums!

Stray dogs and other animals in Mumbai have found a good friend in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). The civic body is planning to hire seven veterinary doctors to treat and sterilise street and pet animals in the city.

According to the 2014 census, Mumbai is home to over 95,000 stray dogs, of whom some 69,239 have already been sterilized.

The BMC has set up a separate public veterinary department in accordance with the Veterinary Council of India act of 1984. The act regulates that treatment and other activities related to animals should be undertaken only by people certified in the veterinary field.

This veterinary department will now handle activities pertaining to dog control, cattle pond, treatment, sterilization etc.

A senior civic official told the agency, “Seven veterinary doctors will be hired on a contractual basis by the BMC. Of them, two posts will be reserved for women. They will be paid a remuneration of Rs 35,000 each.”In several instances, Mumbaikars had taken initiatives to help stray dogs in various ways. Uma Shetty is a domestic help who provides shelter to strays while a group of teenagers conducted a concert to raise money for the benefit of strays.While individuals are still trying to aid the strays and trying to ensure that they don’t cause menace on the streets, it is heartwarming to see how the civic body too, has taken steps to ensure the poor animals receive treatment and are sterilised.